No-Till Pasture Seeding


 No-Till offers several advantages over conventional pasture establishment...

  • No-Till seeding reduces risk of soil loss as a result of surface erosion.
  • Minimal soil disturbance helps to retain soil moisture.
  • Consistent seeding depth results in even emergence & establishment.
  • Because seed is placed in the soil rather than broadcast on the surface, resulting seedlings are less susceptible to drought stress.
  • Seed cost per acres is less than that of broadcast seeding.

 We specialize in developing custom seed mixes designed to complement your soil, available moisture, management and livestock to be grazed.  Above is a mix that incorporates a grazing tolerant alfalfa.  The alfalfa increases forage production and extends the grazing season beyond that of grass alone. 



Improve pastures and fill in bare spots by no-till inter-seeding into existing stands without damaging existing grass.  Notice the rows of new grass seedling growing in the picture above 


A trial plot of sainfoin that our sheep are loving!

"Pasture management from the ground up" is how we manage Dancing Aspens Farm.  Soil health contributes to plant health which directly impacts animal health.  Our role as a shepherd is to, not only care for our animals, but also the soil, water and biological community, using grazing strategies in a manner that are ecologically sustainable converting forage in to high quality lamb and fiber.