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They're ready for their new homes! 

Dancing Aspens Farm

Kalispell, Montana 


Icelandic Sheep and Lambs for Sale.

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We offer a 10% DISCOUNT on a purchase of 3 or more sheep!  :)

We require 1/3 down to hold any sheep for purchase. Balance due when you pick up.

Please contact us at:   sheep@dancingaspensfarm.com with any questions, we would be glad to answer all your questions or just to chat about sheep!

I will be adding more lambs and adult sheep to list in coming weeks....

If you are looking for something specific please send us an email....

 Sired By Dolce Bacchus:



Alice's Girls

 One Black Grey ewe lamb that carries moorit and one solid moorit ewe lamb. Both will carry spotting.  Horned.   

$375 Each Sold!

  DOLCE ALICE M5SH 84W -[CAN]646408-H  



Thokka's Lambs: Sired by Dolce Bacchus

 Beautiful horned, solid, black ewe lamb.  Carries Moorit     

$375 per Each registered

$250 per Each unregistered
Handsome solid moorit, horned ram.  nice square ram, beautiful fleece, should have a great meat build

HMRR MOORIT EWE M5H 824S -[CAN]607830 



Druna's Ram Lamb~Sired by Dolce Bacchus

Handsome Solid inky Black Ram.  Gorgeous fleece, square- bodied.  Carries spotting and could possibly carry moorit

$400  registered

$275 unregistered

Aubrey's Ram Lambs sired by edge

White horned patterned ram and a black mouflon horned ram.  Kveikur lines. Beautiful fleeces, deep chests and square bodied.

$300 per Each Registered

$225 unregistered per each



Carly's Ram Lamb sired by Edge
Black grey Spotted  ram lamb with black and white horns.  Beautiful fleece that is solid white.  The black holes in his spot adds a bit color.

$300 Registered

$225 unregistered


Danika's Ram lamb Sired by Edge
Kveikur lines
Very handsome Homozygous grey ram.  Great growthy lamb.  Wonderful fleece and build on this guy.  One of our favorite rams in the horned lambs.   $425 registered


Evening's Ram Lamb: sired by Eran

Our other favorite horned ram Lamb.  Great growth, Wonderful fleece and build on this guy.  Homozygous Grey, horned ram lamb.  Grabotni grandson.  Add some new genetics to your flock. $425 registered   Sold


 Daylin's Ewe Lamb

This Gorgeous Black mouflon Badgerface is a Grabotni granddaughter.  Natural Phaomelanin hightlights in her beautiful oatmeal colored fleece.  Simply beautiful.
$400 Registered


DAI ESPEN AI 01H 1206Z -[CAN]689650-NH 

Elly's Ewe Lamb sired by Espen
Kveikur lines

Quick growing, white patterned ewe lamb.  Beautiful fleece and great structure. Kveikur granddaughter.
$375 Registered
$275 Registered


Elly's Ewe lamb sired by Espen

BCR ELLY EWE B2H 12Z -[CAN]677464- 

Beautiful white patterned ewe lamb.  Could carry grey pattern and moorit.  fast growing and well framed and square.  Kveikur granddaughter.
$375 Registered
$275 Unregistered


Eira's Ewe Lamb: Sired By Espen

 BCR EIRA EWE MSH 11Z -[CAN]677463-

Gorgeous Moorit grey ewe lamb.  Quick growing ewe lamb with beautiful fleece.  Kveikur granddaughter.
$375 Registered
$275 Unregistered

We are offering Edge for sale this spring. He is a 3 year old, proven ram. He covered all the ewes in his pen within their first cycle. He carries grey pattern. Horns easily clear his face, muscular, meaty ram. Respectful of people and keeps his distance. Edge won grand supreme over all other fiber animals and he won his division in the breedstock division at the NWMT Fair.  

Kveikur and Gaddur are the major bloodlines in Edge's pedigree.

$400 Registered




Proven ewe, Aurora is a stunning moorit badgerface ewe.  She has Morro and Bambi lines. 

$350 Registered
$250 Unregistered

Yearling Black Grey Ewe Lamb.  Wonderful growth over the winter, silky beautiful fleece. Great Frame.  Ready to be bred this fall.
$375 Registered
$275 Unregistered

Beautiful white horned ewe lamb.  Great meaty frame.  Wonderfully beautiful fleece.  Yearling ewe, ready to breed this fall.

$375 Registered
$275 Unregistered

TCE EWE B2H 536W -[CAN]639829-                   ECLIPSE RAM B5H 1253Z -[CAN]689645-H 

Gorgeous yearling ewe.  Ready to breed this fall. Out of sapphire,   and was the champion yearling ewe at the 2010 National Icelandic Show and 70% AI, Grani, Eldar, Mango and Gaddur. lines.  

$375 Registered
$275 Unregistered

Beautiful Moorit Grey, Yearling ewe.  Outstanding addition to your flock.  Ready to be bred this fall.  The last of our Reykur ewes.
$375 Registered
$275 Unregistered

Unregistered Ram lamb.  Who's my daddy?  Lucinda was suppose to bred to Woody, our Wensleydale ram.  Obviously, her lamb isn't a cross and must of got some action through a frisky ram  where all the other Rams were housed.  Great conformation and fleece.  Carries Moorit and may Carry Mouflon pattern.

Unregistered $250

Unregisterable ewe lamb out of an unregistered badgerface ewe.  Sired by Espen.  May carry badgerface pattern. Very fast growing and beautiful.

$275 Unregistered