Our Horned Boys~Icelandic Rams



DODGE RAM 25Y -[CAN]665682-H

With his exceptional meat build, thick, very thick thel rich wool.  Dodge is out of a heavy milker and has a respectful and easy going personality, 


Another exceptional meat build, a beautiful fleece, calm temperament and wonderful horn genetics,  


Out of my most favorite ram, Grizwold, who tragically died during his first breeding season here.  Draumur was his only son and wonderful is he!  Draumur will be used on our horned yearling ewes and ewe lambs, for the first time this year.  He has a beautiful fleece, wonderful square body and calm temperament and is also out of a heavy milker.  Draumur carries spotting and moorit.
Sired by:Grizwold 

Out of Sienna   TCE 193P  Sired by: TCE 672Y AI
Kveikur grandson
He will be used on our mature horned ewes, we are eager to see Edge's lambs.  Wonderful meat and milk genetics.  Edge carries moorit and possibly grey pattern.

Out of Lukka  and Sired by: Grabotni 06-833 Via AI
Eran is a gorgeous badgerface mouflon ram, he has an exceptional fleece and wonderful meat and milk genetics. 

Sired by: Grabotni 06-833

Out of Uma  Sired by:   Kveikur 05-965 via AI
Exceptional meat genetics and build, Espen, will be used on our Horned yearling ewes and ewe lambs..  Carries moorit and spotting.
Sired by:   Kveikur 05-965 

Exceptional  Meat genetics.  Growthy Ram Lamb.  Will carry badgerface or  Mouflon Pattern.  Out of Uma.
Raftur 05-966 via VAI

~2011 Overall Reserve Grand Champion at the National Icelandic Show
~Grand Champion in his breeding division AND fiber division @ the NW MT Fair
~Supreme Grand Champion Fiber Animal over all the other fiber animals in the fiber division including alpaca, llama, merino, etc @ NW MT FAIR
Reykur is beautifully handsome homozygous black grey ram.   carries moorit.  Hugely wide and thick horns, fabulous fleece and build.  Wonderful bloodlines (Kveikur and Grani) and a great temperament.  Reykur, because of his thick horns will only be used on mature ewes.


Blackfoot was tragically lost this past summer to a hungry grizzly bear.  His son Eclipse will step in and fill his father's position.  Carries moorit.

Sired By: Blackfoot .

HVELLUR 05969 -[CAN]Z78210-  grandson and includes Grani and kveikur lines.
A gorgeous grey badgerface ram, absolutely gorgeous fleece and a wonderful build