Our Polled Boys~Icelandic Rams

Our Polled Icelandic Rams:

Ever is out of the very, very milky Esja combined with the exceptional meat genetics of Bogi we are expecting wonderful things!  Ever carries moorit.
Bogi 04-814

~Past Rams~

Mokollur and Askur AI Bloodlines from his sire
and Frakkson, Mori and Omur AI Bloodlines from his mom.

This guy came to us as a meat lamb, once we totally checked him out we had to keep him! 

Black grey spotted.  Exceptional meat build, just a total tank.  Great conformation and wonderful wool.  Out of a very heavy milker.

Drafnar has a wonderful meat and all around build.  very nice fleece and out of a heavy milker.  His lambs are fast growing.  Carries moorit.