2012 Herd Sires - Icelandic Rams

 Horned Rams


DODGE RAM 25Y -[CAN]665682-H

With his exceptional meat build, thick, very thick thel rich wool.  Dodge is out of a heavy milker and has a wonderful personality, Dodge will be used on our mature horned ewes.


~*~James Dean~*~

Sire to Dodge, wonderful build, wool, milk and horn genetics, JD will be used on our mature horned ewes.  Carries Moorit and spotting.



Another exceptional meat build, a beautiful fleece, calm temperament and wonderful horn genetics,  Bacchus will be used on our mature horned ewes.



~2011 Overall Reserve Grand Champion at the National Icelandic Show
~Grand Champion in his breeding division AND fiber division @ the NW MT Fair
~Supreme Grand Champion Fiber Anmimal over all the other fiber animals in the fiber division including alpaca, llama, merino, etc @ NW MT FAIR

Reykur is beautifully handsome homozygous black grey ram.   carries moorit.  Hugely wide and thick horns, fabulous fleece and build.  Wonderful bloodlines and a great temperament.  Reykur, because of his thick horns will only be used on mature ewes.



Out of Sapphire TCE 536W     Sired by: TCE 689Y AI 
Raftur Grandson, with Grani, Mango and Gaddur lines.
He will be used on our mature horned ewes, we are excited to see his first lambs next year.  Elloy is out of Sapphire, wonderful meat and exceptional wool genetics.


Out of Sienna   TCE 193P  Sired by: TCE 672Y AI
Kveikur grandson
He will be used on our mature horned ewes, we are eager to see Edge's lambs.  Wonderful meat and milk genetics.  Edge carries moorit and possibly grey pattern.


Out of Drifa    Sired by: Reykur 
HVELLUR 05969 -[CAN]Z78210-  grandson and includes Grani and kveikur lines.
A gorgeous grey badgerface ram, absolutely gorgeous fleece and a wonderful build, he will be used on our mature horned ewes.



Out of my most favorite ram, Grizwold, who tragically died during his first breeding season here.  Draumur was his only son and wonderful is he!  Draumur will be used on our horned yearling ewes and ewe lambs, for the first time this year.  He has a beautiful fleece, wonderful square body and calm temperament and is also out of a heavy milker.  Draumur carries spotting and moorit.



Out of Uma  Sired by:   Kveikur 05-965 via AI
Exceptional meat genetics and build, Espen, will be used on our Horned yearling ewes and ewe lambs..  Carries moorit and spotting.


Out of Lukka  and Sired by: Grabotni 06-833 Via AI
Eran is a gorgeous badgerface mouflon ram, he has an exceptional fleece and wonderful meat and milk genetics.  Eran will be used on our Horned yearling ewes and ewe lambs.



Out of Bubbles  and Sired by Blackfoot .

Blackfoot was tragically lost this past summer to a hungry grizzly bear.  His son Eclipse will step in and fill his father's position.  Carries moorit.


~*~*~Polled Rams~*~*~

Out of Esja Sired By: Bogi 04-814   via AI
Ever is out of the very, very milky Esja combined with the exceptional meat genetics of Bogi we are expecting wonderful things!  Ever carries moorit.


Drafnar has a wonderful meat and all around build.  very nice fleece and out of a heavy milker.  His lambs are fast growing.  Carries moorit.

Eir~ Icelandic for Copper

We are excited to be adding this exceptional ram that came to us from the Creek's Edge.
Mokollur and Askur AI Bloodlines from his sire
and Frakkson, Mori and Omur AI Bloodlines from his mom.



This guy came to us as a meat lamb, once we totally checked him out we had to keep him! He will have a job covering ewes this fall.

Black grey spotted.  Exceptional meat build, just a total tank.  Great conformation and wonderful wool.  Out of a very heavy milker.


2012 AI Sires ~ All the way from Iceland.
please visit  http://www.bssl.is/southram  for more information

Guffi 08-869

Score 2008: 83,0 points
Ultrasound 2008: Eye muscle thickness 37 mm, back fat thickness 2,5 mm, muscle shape 4,5. (H)

Guffi is horned and white. Vigorous head with good horn curving. Broad and thick neck and good shoulder muscling. Rather wide chest. Well muscled back and muscled and rounded rump. Superb leg muscling. Longbodied and powerful ram. 
Tan on head and feets, some tan fibers in the fleece. Wool quantity above average and thick thel. Even and rather fine thog. 

Guffi was bought after a big progeny test in Northeast Iceland. He had earlier been progeny tested at his birth farm resulting in very muscled progenies and great leanness. Those qualities were confirmed in the big progeny test. His progenies performed as earlier, had great conformation resulting in very good carcass grading. 
Guffi has very few daughter records yet but his indexes state that they can be expected to be very prolific with average milking abilities.

Meat Quality
Carcass Grading131
Fat Grading115
Milk Index100
Scrapie resistance:Neutral
Color inheritance:Heterozygous white carries spotting

Hergill 08-870

Hergill is horned and white with powerful head with good horn curving. Very broad and extremely muscular shoulders and superb rib shape. Broad and muscled back and very broad and muscular rump. Extremely well shaped and thick gigot muscles. Hergill is very powerful and longbodied ram with superb conformation.
Tan on head, tail and feets with some tan fibers in the fleece. Medium wool quantity. Medium fine thog.

Hergill was bought for AI after a big progeny test in Northeast Iceland. He was first noticed in another big progeny test in 2009 showing extremely good results. He carries on superb meat qualities resulting in fantastic carcass grading. On the other hand his progenies only show average leanness. His progenies are very muscular with good overall conformation.
Hergill has few daughter records so far but his one year old daughters have shown average prolificacy and good milking abilities. This can also be expected from his indexes.
Hergill is rather little related to the most widely used AI rams most recent years

Meat Quality
Carcass Grading151
Fat Grading99
Milk Index103
Scrapie resistance:Neutral
Color inheritance:Homozygous white

Sokki 07-835

Score 2007: 81,3 points
Ultrasound 2007: Eye muscle thickness 26 mm, back fat thickness 3,2 mm, muscle shape 3,0. (H
Sokki is horned and black spotted. Good looking head with good horn curving. Short and very thick neck and extremly broad and muscled shoulders. Great conformation. Strong back with good muscling and very well muscled rump. Exceptionally good leg muscling. Rather shortbodied but very broad ram. Wool and thel quantity above average. Even thog, curly and fine.

Sokki was been progeny tested at Brunastadir farm in 2007 and 2008 resulting in very good carcass grading. Sokki produces heavy lambs with great meat qualities. His progenies have very good conformation, thick eye muscle and superb gigot muscling.
Sokki has few daughter records yet but they strongly indicate that he will produce prolific daughters with very good milking abilities.

Meat Quality
Carcass Grading144
Fat Grading98
Milk Index108
Scrapie resistance:Heterozygous protective
Color inheritance:Carries all colors except moorit

Sigurfari 09-860

White and polled with broad, vigorous and powerful head. Rounded, broad and very muscled shoulders. Good rib shape and broad and very muscled back. Excellent rump and gigot muscling. Strong feets. Longbodied, powerful and vigorous looking ram.
Little bit of tan fibers in the fleece. Wool quantity well above average. Thick thel but rather sort and fine thog.

Sigurfari was bought for AI after a very good results at his birth farm. His progenies are very mature and heavy with good conformation. In the autumn 2011 the average gigot muscling score of his sons was nearly 18. Sigurfari clearly produces lambs with great conformation and carcass grading.
Sigurfari has few daughter records so far and his indexes indicate that they will have average prolificacy and average milking abilities.

Meat Quality
Carcass Grading108
Fat Grading116
Milk Index101
Scrapie resistance:Neutral
Color inheritance:Heterozygous white carries spotting


Langidalur is a polled white ram born in 2001 and carries solid pattern and moorit color.  He is the son of AI sire Dalur, 97-838.  Langidalur has a great overall score of 85.5, with neck and shoulders grading 8.5, chest 8.5, back 8.5, rump 9.0, leg 18.0, wool 8.5, overall harmony at 8.5.  His lambs should bring rapid improvement to a flock.  Their average scores for 2006 are:  chest 8.3, back 8.2, rump 8.4, leg 17.0, wool 8.1, total 82.2.  Langidalur's BLUP for leanness is 114, muscling 104 and composite meat score is 110.    SouthRam reports that his mother is a superb milker,  Langidalur is now dead.