2011 Herd Sires~ Icelandic Rams

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Horned Rams:


SULLIVAN 04T -[CAN]624171-H

Sully is a black grey mouflon with incredibly wide horns with deep ridging.  He is absolutely beautiful!  He has a calm and friendly personality.  He is conformationally correct with a verymeaty frame.  He has a beautiful, soft, thick fleece as well.  He comes from a wonderfully milky lines as well.  His lambs are beautiful, vigorous and quick growing.


BLACKFOOT B5H 25U -[CAN]663481-H

is a solid black, horned ram that carries moorit and spotting.  He has thick muscling and is long bodied.  His mother was very milky and very motherly.  His lambs are quick growing, vigorous and  inherit his incredibly thick, wide, deep ridged horns.

In his pedigree~

(AI info From Iceland)

On his mother's side:

MORRO 98845

Morró is moorit with fine horns. Th head is powerful, neck and shoulders well muscled and conformation average. Back muscling quite good, loins long and muscled but not broad. thigh muscle well shaped but not deep. Morró is a well built moorit sheep.


Biskup is black with a blaze and socks. Biskup is sensible and calm and looks intelligent. Biskup is likely to preserve leading abilities well in the Icelandic sheep.

On his sire's side:

KANI 98864

Moorit mouflon, horned. Powerful head with good horn curving. Shoulders a bit coarse but chest is wide and conformation good. Back is broad, strong and muscular. Good loin muscling. Gigots above average and straight and strong feets. Good looking ram.

Little bit greyish in the fleece and starting to lighten. Medium wool quantity, medium thog and good thel, fine and soft.

KONGUR 97847

Kóngur is white and horned with vigorous head. The neck is short and braod but shoulders a bit coarse. The chest is broad and conformation about average. The back is very muscular, broad and strong. The loins are broad and muscular. Thighs are well muscled and excellently shaped. Feets are straight. Kóngur is lively and rather longbodied sire.

Tan on feets but no tan fibers in the fleece. Two black spots on back. Quantity less than average, the thog fine and soft on shoulders, coarse on sides and rather short on back. The fleece is very lustrous and the thel beautyful.

BAMBI 95829

Bambi is horned, dark moorit. The head is good looking, neck and shoulders well muscled. The chest is rather narrow. Back, loins and thighs are adequate. Feets are well placed and straight. Bambi has good overall conformation and strikingly good temperament.

The wool is fairly dark moorit. Colour distribution is fair with some gray thog in back of the fleece. The thog is a bit coarse but the thel is very soft. Wool quantity near average.


Dodge is a beautiful moorit horned ram.  Out of a heavy milker and a wonderful ewe.  He has gorgeous fiber and a wonderful temperament.  Dodge has some great leadersheep genetics.

DODGE RAM 25Y -[CAN]665682-H

from Lee and Jerry Bates

SKUMUR 01885 

Leanness                       122
Carcass Grading            68
MQI                                    100
Milking Abilities                 80
Prolificacy                          99

Blesi is a Leadersheep Ram.

BLESI 98884


~2011 Overall Reserve Grand Champion at the National Icelandic Show
~Grand Champion in his breeding division AND fiber division @ the NW MT Fair
~Supreme Grand Champion Fiber AnmimalA over all the other fiber animals in the fiber division including alpaca, llama, merino, etc @ NW MT FAIR

Reykur is beautifully handsome spotted black grey ram.  He carries moorit.  Hugely wide and thick horns, fabulous fleece and build.  Wonderful bloodlines and a great temperament.  

HYA RAM B2H 2Y -[CAN]661482-H

From Luara Roe at Hyalite Farm...
This ram won his lamb class and was reserve grand champion ram at the ISBONA sheep show in Hamilton, MT.  Judge's comments included strong hind end, wide based stance, straight legs, thick back/loin, wide horn set, and an excellent fleece. 

Reykur's pedigree includes:

On the dam's side:
GRANI 03957 

Leanness                           110
Carcass Grading              120
MQI                                      114
Milking Abilities                 108
Prolificacy                          111

KVEIKUR 05965 -

Leanness                           136
Carcass Grading              117
MQI                                      128
Milking Abilities                 111
Prolificacy                          106

LODI 00871 -

Leanness                           121
Carcass Grading              116
MQI                                      119
Milking Abilities                 104
Prolificacy                          102

On his sire's side...

GRIMUR 01928

Leanness                           95
Carcass Grading              118
MQI                                      104
Milking Abilities                 98
Prolificacy                          106

TYR 02929
Leanness                           103
Carcass Grading              130
MQI                                      114
Milking Abilities                 99
Prolificacy                          94

Polled Rams....


Cirrus is a handsome white ram.  He carries moorit, grey and spotting.  He is long bodied with a fantastic build and out of a very heavy milker.  He has a gorgeous fleece and great temperament

Cirrus has the following AI Rams in his pedigree....

Cirrus has the following AI Rams in his pedigree....

  • HNYKILL 95820

     {Hnykill is white and polled. He’s got extremely good conformation with muscular shoulders, back and loins. Back is strong, thigh muscles thick, well shaped and deep.  Feet are strong and well placed.}

    EIR 96840

    {Eir is polled, white. He has extremely muscular neck and shoulders and a great conformation. Back is exceptionally strong and muscled. Loins are long, broad and as well filled as possible.  Thighs are very well shaped, thick muscle which completely closes the crotch.  Feets are strong and right. Eir is exceptionally powerful and long bodied.}


    Drafnar is a handsome polled black spotted ram.  He carries moorit.  quick growing, long bodied and out of a heavy milker.  Beautiful fleece and a wonderful temperament.
    from Vizual Delights

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    AI Rams~ Semen imported from Iceland

    Score 2006: 85,0 points
    Ultrasound 2006: Eye muscle thickness 36 mm, back fat thickness 2,2 mm, muscle shape 4,5. (S)

    Kveikur is horned and white. Good looking head with good horn curving. Broad and thick neck. Good shoulder muscling. Very wide chest. Well muscled back and esepecially broad, muscled and rounded rump . Superb leg muscling. Very good looking ram with good temperament.
    Tan on head, feets and tail but very few tan fibers in the fleece. Even fleece, medium wool quantity and medium fine thog.

    Kveikur was bought after good results in progeny test at Hestur exp. farm. He carries on superb meat qualities, leanness, eye muscle depth and leg muscling. His progenies are also mature with good carcass grading.
    Kveikur's daughters are prolific with excellent milking abilitie

    Carcass grading**117
    Fat grading**135
    Scrapie resistance genotypeNeutral
    Colour inheritanceHeterozygous white, carrying black but neither moorit or spotted.

    Sokki 07-835
    Score 2007: 81,3 points
    Ultrasound 2007: Eye muscle thickness 26 mm, back fat thickness 3,2 mm, muscle shape 3,0. (H
    Sokki is horned and black spotted. Good looking head with good horn curving. Short and very thick neck and extremly broad and muscled shoulders. Great conformation. Strong back with good muscling and very well muscled rump. Exceptionally good leg muscling. Rather shortbodied but very broad ram. Wool and thel quantity above average. Even thog, curly and fine.

    Sokki was been progeny tested at Brunastadir farm in 2007 and 2008 resulting in very good carcass grading. Sokki produces heavy lambs with great meat qualities. His progenies have very good conformation, thick eye muscle and superb gigot muscling.
    Sokki has few daughter records yet but they strongly indicate that he will produce prolific daughters with very good milking abilities.
    Carcass grading**144
    Fat grading*98
    Meat qualities
    Milking abilities**108
    Scrapie resistance genotypeHeterozygous protective
    Colour inheritanceSokki carries all colors except moorit.

    Bogi 04-814
    White and polled with vigorous head. Broad and muscular shoulders. Broad chest and good rib shape. Broad and strong back. Long, broad and well muscled rump. Excellent leg muscling. Strong feets. Longbodied and very powerful ram.
    No tan fibers in the fleece. Average wool quantity. Thick and even thel. A bit coarse thog, short and mostly vanished on the back.
    Bogi was used as a breeding ram at the very well known farm, Heydalsa, for four years. All those years he was superior in progeny tests. Bogi carries on superb leanness and is without any doubt one of the best polled AI rams regarding meat qualities.
    His daughters have excellent milking abilities as well as good prolificacy.

    Carcass grading**108
    Fat grading**142
    Meat qualities
    Prolificacy *107
    Index *116
    Scrapie resistance genotypeNeutral
    Colour inheritanceBogi is homozygous white.

    Somi 07-854

    White and polled. Broad and very vigorous head. Broad, rounded and very muscular shoulders and very good rib shape. Broad back and well muscled. Broad, long and well muscled rump. Very good gigot muscling. Dashing and vigorous ram.
    No tan fibers. Wool quantity well above average. Even and curly thog but rather coarse. Beautyful fleece.

    Somi was bought for AI after a big progeny test where his performance was excellent. He carries on good meat qualities, good dressing weight as well as good carcass grading.
    Somi has few daughter records yet but his indexes state that they are expected to have average prolificacy and very good milking abilities.

    Carcass grading**105
    Fat grading**134
    Meat qualities
    Prolificacy* 96
    Index *112
    Scrapie resistance genotypeNeutral
    Colour inheritanceSomi is homozygous white.

    Skrauti 07-826

    Moorit spotted and polled with broad and vigorous head. Round and muscular shoulders and good rib shape. Broad and well muscled back. Good rump and leg muscling. Straigth and strong feets. Rather longbodied and powerful ram.
    Light moorit color. Even fleece, lot of thel but very little thog. Wool quantity below average.

    Skrauti was noticed as a lamb at the Snefellsnes county ram show in 2007. In 2008 his progenies performed that well he was bought for AI'ing. Skrauti carries on good meat qualities, especially leanness.
    Skrauti has few daughter records yet but his indexes indicate that his daughters will hav average prolificacy and very good milking abilities.

    Carcass grading**108
    Fat grading**122
    Meat qualities
    Prolificacy* 96
    Index *112
    Scrapie resistance genotypeHeterozygous protective
    Colour inheritanceSkrauti carries variation of colors.

    Grabotni 06-833Score 2006: 83,0 points
    Ultrasound 2006: Eye muscle thickness 30 mm, back fat thickness 2,0 mm, muscle shape 4,0. (H)
    Grey mouflon with vigorous head and good horn curving. Broad, round shaped and very muscular shoulders. Very good rib shape. Broad and strong back and very muscular rump. Extremely good and well shaped leg muscles. Strong and well placed feet’s. Longbodied and vigorously looking ram.
    Even and good grey color. Average wool quantity. Thick and even thel but short thog with variable fineness.
    Grabotni was bought to Southram because of very good results from his birth farm. His progenies have proofed to have very thick eye muscle, leanness and superb gigot muscling resulting in very good carcass grading.
    Grabotni has very few daughter records yet but so far they have proven to be prolific with good milking abilities.
    Carcass grading *137
    Fat grading *123
    Meat qualities
    Milking abilities*104
    Scrapie resistance genotypeNeutral
    Colour inheritanceGrabotni carries grey and mouflon as his color indicates as well as spotted. Grabotni doesn't carry moorit.

    Raftur 05-966
    Score 2006: 87,0 points
    Ultrasound 2006: Eye muscle thickness 40 mm, back fat thickness 2,8 mm, muscle shape 5,0.
    Raftur is horned and white. Vigorous head with good horn curving. Thick and well muscled neck and shoulders, good rib shape. Superb back muscling and excellent rump and leg muscling. Very vigorous and muscled ram.
    Tan on head and tan fibers in the fleece. Rather fine thog and wool quantity little below average.

    Raftur was progeny tested at Hestur exp. farm. His progenies are exceptionally lean with great muscle thickness resulting in excellent meat grading. Raftur combines the qualities of his ancestors, Lodi 00-871 and Gari 02-904, with tremendous results. Raftur is most likely the best Icelandic breeding ram so far.
    Raftur's daughters are very prolific with good milking abilities.
    Carcass grading**121
    Fat grading**


    Meat qualities
    Milking abilites**104
    Scrapie resistance genotypeNeutral
    Colour inheritanceHomozygous white