2009 Registered Icelandic Lambs


 Bruno soaking up the spring sun...

            We're seeing spots this season....

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Our first registered lambs to grace the farm this spring are

this lively pair of ewes.  These lambs are out of Lukka, whom is a black badgerface, very milky and would make a great dairy prospective with wonderful fleece with great bloodlines running through her. "Horvi" 92972, Leader Ram:"Ari"  91969, and Leader Ram: "Biskup" 96-822 and they are sired by Wikki.  Both are polled and should have excellent fleece.  One is a solid moorit the other a moorit badgerface.  These two will be staying on the farm.  NFS

Our next set is a pair of ram lambs.  Both have horn buds and are adorable.  They are out Frida our black polled mouflon who is nicely milky, with a great build and very motherly.  Sired by Pepper. 



This handsome ram is a horned grey moorit mouflon, he is quite stocky and built great.  Can't wait to see how this one grows!  Weight at birth 7 lbs. 10 oz. 





This flashy guy carries it all!  Spots, patterns and color, Bruno is a black grey spotted mouflon.  He has black and white horn buds and has a tremendous build. Very excited to see what he grows into!  Weight at birth 9 lbs. even. 




~Bridle~ (she looks like she is wearing a bridle, according to her owner!)

 This big girl was the next lamb to born.  A big single weighing in at 10 lbs. 4 oz., born to Kaffi one of our black horned girls Sired by Pepper.  A polled black spotted ewe, my daughter will be keeping her. NFS




This polled moorit grey spotted ram should have an excellent build with an equally great fleece. Birth weight of 6lbs 12 oz.  Out of Louisa, whom is a solid white with a great build and wonderful fleece.  Sired by Pepper.



Blink is a black spotted ram with white and black horn buds out of Astrid. He has some impressive lines passing through him, "Horvi" 92972,  Leader Ram:"Ari"  91969, and Leader Ram:"Biskup"96-822  He has beautiful wool from his mother and a nice meaty frame.  A single, he weighed in at 8lbs 12oz.  Sire is Pepper.



Bliss is a single black grey ewe born to Kolfinna and will be staying with the flock.  Weighing 7lbs 9oz, sired by Pepper. NFS




Badger is a horned single black badgerface ram.  Out of Lupa. one of our polled black badgerface mom's, this boy has some serious lines running through him. "Horvi" 92972, Leader Ram:"Ari" 91969,  and Leader Ram:"Biskup" 96-822 are running through the mom's side and check the bottom of the page for dad's pedigree.

 Weight at birth 7lbs.4oz.  Sired by Pepper


Barley is a horned single black baderface ram too!  Out of  Auðráð, our horned black badgerface mouflon, he too has the same impressive lines pumping through him.  "Horvi" 92972, Leader Ram:  "Ari"  91969,  and Leader Ram:  "Biskup" 96-822 are running through the mom's side and check the bottom of the page for dad's pedigree. 

Weight at birth 7lbs. 2 oz.  Sired by Pepper.


~Bandit~ and ~Blush~

Out of Thora

Sired by Pepper




Bandit is a brown spotted ram with large horn buds, this guy should grow nicely as do all of Thora's lambs.  He is truely beautiful, with wonderful horns and fleece.  Thora is a black solid ewe that is extremely milky, she has a huge bag and medium size teats and really makes her babies grow.  She had no trouble delivering this guy despite of his growthy horns!  Birth weight 8lbs 3oz.





Blush is a black spotted ewe lamb that is mainly white except the eyeshadow and touch of black lipstick she is wearing!  Her pretty pink nose inspired her name.  Should be a wonderfully milky ewe with great fleece.  Birth weight 7lbs. 7oz.  She will be staying with the flock.



Ragna was the next to lamb giving birth to these two beauties! 

~Breve~ and ~Bistro~ 


Bistro (Beast for short) is a black horned ram with flashing.  7lbs 14oz birth weight.  Sired by Pepper.  






Breve is a moorit ewe with flashing.  Birth weight of 6lbs. 10oz.  Sired by Pepper.  She might be staying on the farm.



Briar is a single black grey ewe lamb.  She is out of Esja a brown polled ewe and sired by Pepper.  She weighed 10lbs. 6oz. at birth.  Very stout and vigorous. Staying on the farm.



 This ends this years lambing season...

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Pepper is the sire of this years lamb crop.  He is black grey spotted with great blood lines. Flekkur:89965, Dropi: 91975, and Tounge River's Man O' War-(SRX141M-AI by Flekkur).  You can see his pedigree here.