2009  Unregistered Lambs


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 Bonita- a polled black gray badgerface ewe lamb hoping to be very milky like her mom! A single weighing in at 8lbs 1 oz. Vigorous lamb with beautiful color and promising fleece. Nice stout build.  Carries both badgerface and grey patterns and may also carry spotting.  Sired by Pepper and has tremendous growth on her.


Black Licorice (out of our 7 y.o. son's grey ewe, he named him!)

A beautiful black grey ram lamb!  A single, weighing 8lbs 15oz.  Vigorous lamb and a prospect for *wonderful* fleeces.  Should be nicely horned and have a meaty frame. May carry spotting.  Sired by Wiki and what a grower!  NFS



 Bianca- is a single, polled, moorit ewe lamb out of Kelda.  She promises to have a great fleece, wonderful build and nice udder.  She is such a pretty girl.  Birth weight of 8 lbs. 13 oz.  Sired by Wiki and growing great! She will be staying with the flock.




Brindle-is a twin polled spotted grey moorit ewe of Dyr.  Very milky and motherly.  6lbs 5oz. at birth.  This one might be staying at the farm.

This is all for the unregistered lambs for this year!