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We are located in Kalispell, Montana

We are in Northwest Montana, nestled in the beautiful Flathead Valley. 
 We are conveniently located from Kalispell, Whitefish, Big Fork, Columbia Falls, Eureka, and Flathead Lake!

Home to Hardy, Heritage Icelandic Sheep 

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The American and Icelandic Flags at the VAI course in North Branch, MN.
Getting ready for our Third AI Season in 2012, using frozen semen from some of the best rams in Iceland.



Registered Icelandic Sheep

For Sale in Montana

We register with the CLRC and are members of ISBONA .

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Above~ The Farm under the harvest moon...
Below~The Farm in the full swing of winter....

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Icelandic Sheep and Lambs... 

Why Icelandic Sheep?


Directly from the ISBONA  website...

  • Triple purpose breed: fiber/meat/milk 
  • Soft lustrous dual coated fleece 
  • Mild flavored, lean meat 
  • Farmstead milk and cheese 
  • Luxurious soft pelts 
  • Many color and pattern combinations 
  • Medium sized, early maturing, long lived 
  • Excellent mothers and vigorous lambs 
  • Suitable for pasture lambing 
  • Highly prolific, reliable twinners 
  • Thrive on good pasture and hay 
  • Finish on good pasture in 4 to 5 months 
  • High value products for niche markets
Milking Sheep?  Here's a great article on the history of milking Icelandic Sheep.

An Icelandic Ewe in our Sainfoin.

~Our Philosophy~
"Pasture management from the ground up" is our way of life here at Dancing Aspens Farm.  Soil Health contributes to plant health which directly impacts animal health.  Our role as a shepherd is to, not only care for our animals, but also the soil, water and biological community.  We believe in using grazing strategies in a manner that are ecologically sustainable, converting forage into high quality lamb, fiber and breedstock.
Our role as a shepherd does not simply end when you take your sheep home.  We will help answer any questions you may have about your sheep long after they become yours.
Email us at sheep@dancingaspensfarm.com
Or phone us at~ (Four zero Six) 270-0351

 Icelandic Sheep in sainfoin 
(the middle of October, it was still very usable until the middle of November!)
Bees In Our Sainfoin...

Fiona and her ewe lamb out in the sainfoin this spring...



~We Support Sustainable Agriculture~



Are you ready to try something superior to traditional lamb?

Need help improving the quality of your pasture? 
With a Truax No-Till drill and thousands of acres of pasture/crop management experience, we are ready to help you.

No-Till Pasture Seeding




Yarn, Rovings and Raw Wool



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Fall Shearing




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Montana Sunset








~Our small Flock~

Winter 2010






We are in Northwest Montana, nestled in the beautiful Flathead Valley. 
 We are conveniently located from Kalispell, Whitefish, Big Fork, Columbia Falls, Eureka,and Flathead Lake


Kalispell, Montana

Registered Icelandic Sheep and Lambs


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A beautiful fall view.

Dugur snuggled in with a lamb.